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We have a new group of pages within our main website which will help to explain heavy vehicle laws for truck drivers.

Truck lawyer info for truck driversProctor & Associates’ truck lawyer will advise you on the best course of action to take should you find yourself charged with a heavy vehicle traffic offence.

Heavy Vehicle National Law

On Monday 10th February, 2014, the New South Wales Governor, proclaimed the commencement of the Heavy Vehicle (Adoption of National Law) Act 2013. The Heavy Vehicle (Adoption of National Law) Amendment Act 2013, adopting the Regulations, also came into force. This Act now recognizes as the law of New South Wales, the ‘Schedule’ to the Queensland Act, the Heavy Vehicle National Law Act 2012.

The Heavy Vehicle National Law (NSW) requirements of Heavy Vehicles in respect of Mass, Dimension and Load Restraint are dealt with under Chapter 4 of the Act from ss. 94 – 115.

The main purpose of this Chapter is broadly stated as being to improve public safety by decreasing risks to public safety caused by overloaded or excessively large heavy vehicles and to minimise any adverse impact of excessively loaded or excessively large heavy vehicles on road infrastructure or public amenity.

Consequently, breaches of these laws, carry hefty monetary penalties and can often be imposed on not only the driver, but also the registered operator (see Liability of various parties). Read more about Heavy Vehicle National Laws.

Other subjects covered are:

These offences are looked upon seriously by the Authority and the penalties can be severe.

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