Traffic Law Services

Proctor & Associates specialises in all aspects of Traffic Law including the following types of offences:
Driving Offences

  • Drink Driving – Various ranges of Prescribed Concentration of Alcohol (pca);
  • DUI – Driving under the influence of alcohol or a drug;
  • Drug Driving – having illicit drugs in your body fluids;
  • Refusing breath tests or breath analysis;
  • Wilfully alter the concentration of alcohol;
  • Driving whilst Disqualified, Suspended or Cancelled;
  • Dangerous Driving, Negligent Driving, Reckless Driving
  • Predatory Driving;
  • Dangerous/DUI Driving cause Death or Grievous Bodily Harm;
  • Speeding offences and street racing;
  • Licence Appeals;
  • Habitual Offender Declaration Appeals

and many more types of driving offences including heavy vehicle offences.

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