History of Drink Driving Offences

Random Breath Testing was introduced in 1982 to combat drink driving and since then, there has been a major reduction in fatal crashes involving alcohol.

Prior to 1982, forty percent of all fatal crashes involved alcohol. This has been reduced to a current rate of 19 per cent.

Despite a reduction, which is good, this still means that 1 in 5 fatal crashes involves alcohol. Statistics show that of the people killed, 88 per cent are men and 75 per cent are under the age of 40.

There have been numerous efforts by the Governments of the day to reduce the incidents of drinking and driving. There have been vivid television campaigns, radio campaigns, the introduction of interlock licenses to teach people not to drink and drive and there has been a marked increase in the penalties and disqualification periods.

It is not uncommon now to see people who have been found guilty a second time within a 5 year period, with High Range Drink Driving, to be sentenced to full time prison.

Drug Driving is also another threat on the roads that is becoming widespread. Police have powers now to test for the presence of drugs as they do for alcohol with random breath testing.

A deadly cocktail, is a mixture of alcohol, drugs and driving.

It is clear from studies, that drink driving and drug driving can affect people in a number of ways.

The consumption of alcohol and/or drugs, can affect your ability to handle complex issues resulting in making a wrong decision. Not only that, you react to situations slower and when required to act, can often have trouble doing more than one thing at a time.

In other situations, affectation by alcohol or drugs can cause you to take risks that you might not otherwise take.

Clear judgment, concentration, ability to react, driving skills are just some of the requirements of safe driving. If you do something to affect these attributes, such as being affected by alcohol and/or drugs, then you are a risk on the road and if caught, then there can be severe penalties.


To some people, being arrested and charged with a drink driving offence can be a daunting experience.

We at Proctor & Associates are well equipped to deal with your case. We have the personnel, experience and knowledge to give you the best representation when the matter goes to court.

Immediately after being charged, contact us and we will gladly give you some advice over the phone. It is then advisable to organize an appointment with us and we will go through the Police Facts and circumstances of your arrest and advise you as to what course you should take.

Remember, we are on your side – and we will strive to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

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